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We provide outstanding coverage of all major sports betting markets around the globe. Your players will have the ability to bet on any sports they want. This includes all major sports leagues in the U.S. like the NFL, NCAA sports, MLB, NBA and more. In addition, we have a large array of international sports leagues like European soccer, cricket basketball and much more!

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Our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution also includes features like an online casino, a Live Dealer casino and a racebook at no additional cost!

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Online Gambling Revenue Increasing in New Jersey

Online Gambling Revenue Increasing in New Jersey

The gambling landscape in New Jersey has experienced significant changes in recent times. The advent of online gambling platforms and sportsbook pay per head software has disrupted the conventional casino industry. Thus, Online Gambling Revenue Increasing in New Jersey and will soon overtake land casinos. Some believe it is primarily due to the introduction of …

How to Be a Football Bookie

How to Be a Football Bookie

The football season is one of the most lucrative sporting events for bookies and sportsbooks. In the NFL alone, there are 272 games during the regular season. Needless, to say, opening a football betting operation can lead to a lot of money. Thus, this bookie tutorial will teach you How to Be a Football Bookie in in a matter of minutes.

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What is a Pay Per Head?

A sportsbook pay per head is a service for bookies that let’s them open a Bookie business at a cost-efficient price. Instead of paying for the sportsbook software and infrastructure, they only pay for what their players use.