Set Max Limits on Top Super Bowl Futures Picks

Set Max Limits on Top Super Bowl Futures Picks

The Super Bowl will take place in a couple of months. As a bookie, you need to prepare your sportsbook, especially if you are taking in Super Bowl Futures. However, one team that’s notably missing from the list is Tampa Bay. The Bucs were plagued with injuries this year. Also, they failed to have a winning streak this season to date.

According to the best bookie software, here are the top teams in the NFL:

Buffalo Bills +330
Philadelphia Eagles +500
San Francisco 49er +1200

Tops Super Bowl Futures Picks

Set Max Limits on Top Super Bowl Futures PicksBefore the start of the season, the Bills were at the top of the rankings. They have the finest football squad, with Josh Allen as their starting quarterback. The Bills were ranked second, according to bookie marketing gurus, behind the Buccaneers, Chiefs, and Packers. The Chiefs remain in that position. However, Tampa Bay and Green Bay have both experienced significant declines.

The Philadelphia Eagles should be in the top five since they are the only unbeaten club left in league with an 8-0 record. That surpasses the Buffalo Bills, who are 6-2 in performance. Both clubs play in competitive divisions, with two teams having six victories each. What conditions must be met before the Eagles beat the Bills in Super Bowl futures odds?

Despite their poor performance this season, the San Francisco 49ers placed in the top five. They are second in the NFC West Division behind the 6-3 Seattle Seahawks with a 4-4 record. It must stem from their outstanding performance in Week 8 against the Rams. In the 31-14 rout, running back Christian McCaffrey scored three touchdowns—one through the air and one through the ground. Isn’t that similar to a grand slam?

That concludes our How to Become a Bookie guide to Super Bowl Futures. Adjust your limits on these teams to protect your NFL betting profits.

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