How to Be a Football Bookie

How to Be a Football Bookie

The football season is one of the most lucrative sporting events for bookies and sportsbooks. In the NFL alone, there are 272 games during the regular season. College Football on the other hand has well over 1,596 games to bet on. Needless, to say, opening a football betting operation can lead to a lot of money. Thus, this bookie tutorial will teach you How to Be a Football Bookie in in a matter of minutes.

At first, it may seem difficult at first to open a football sportsbook. However, it can actually be quite easy depending on the method you choose to take. Therefore, we will also go over several methods to become a football bookie in this tutorial.

Why Become a Football Bookie and Open a Football Sportsbook OperationAccording to the American Gaming Association, over 73 million Americans were betting on NFL football during the 2023-24 season. This is almost a 60% increase over the previous year and is not showing any sign of stopping.

This year, over 70 million American will place a bet on the Super bowl and that the sports betting handle will exceed $23 billion. This is a 69% increase over the previous year when sportsbooks took in $16 billion during Super Bowl LVII.  In comparison to Super Bowl LVI, it is even bigger as 2 years ago, sportsbook took in $6.61 billion.

Today, the momentum is continuing to grow which means that now is a great time to become a football bookie. Especially since the average VIG or commission a bookie makes is between 7% to 10%. With that in mind, the potentials can be as big or as small as the effort you put in!

3 Ways to Become a Football Bookie


Starting a Football Betting Business from Scratch

This is the method for bookies that have a lot time on their hand and strong financial backing. In addition, this method is best for bookmakers that intend to have hundreds of thousands of players. This is because it involves buying or creating a sports betting software platform and making the infrastructure from scratch.

Therefore, it will involve some big numbers starting at half a million to several million dollars.

Using a White Label Sportsbook Option

A White label sportsbook is using the license and software of an already existing sportsbook and making it your own. This means you will be using the resources of an already existing sportsbook to create your own football betting brand.

While this method may seem the best, you have to pay at least $10,000 or more as an initial fee. In addition, you also have to give the sportsbook a cut of your profit every month.

Using a Pay Per Head Service to Start a Football Sportsbook

The last option is the sportsbook pay per head method which is the most cost-efficient method for bookies. Instead of buying or renting the software and infrastructure, you instead pay per active player. Think of it as a subscription to a service but instead of paying a flat fee, you only pay for what you use.

The cost will vary depending on the service but is usually between $3 to $20 per player. In return the bookie gets everything they need to take bets and manage their players.

How to Be a Football Bookie

How to Be a Football Bookie in under 10 Minutes with

Opening a Bookie website in just a few minutes is easy when using the bookie pay per head solution. Furthermore, our Pay Per Head Services have very competitive prices as we only charge $2 to $5 per player.

Here is How to Do it

Step 1. Open a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Account with – It only takes a minute to fill out and the first 2 weeks are free with not deposit or obligation.


Step 2. Manage Your Customers – The next step is just as easy. You just need to create your customer’s betting account, set limits for them and manage them! If you have a lot of players, no worries as we can transfer the data from your old Pay Per Head Service to your account!


Step 3. Start Taking Football Betting Action from Your Players– Give your customers their login info and a link to one of our football betting websites. Settle with your players every week and watch as you rake in the profits!


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