Bookie Ads: Improving Click-Through Rates

Bookie Ads: Improving Click-Through Rates

Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 09:23 am

Many bookies are content to reach an average click-through and don’t find ways to improve on it. However, improving click-through rates will bring more value to your bookie ads. If this tutorial, we’ll show you when and why you should an above average CTR.

In general, click-through rate is a ratio of clicks to impressions. As a result, when your ad shows on the SERP in Google Ads, it receives an impression, and when someone views it and clicks on it, it receives a click. The click-through rate of your advertisement is the proportion of viewers who click through to the landing page of your pay per head sportsbook after seeing it.

The click-through rate is a challenging PPC measure since you have to pay for each click even when a high click-through rate raises Quality Score of your bookie pay per head. Let’s examine this more closely.

Improving Click-Through Rates

Bookie Ads: Improving Click-Through RatesWe can discuss how to increase your click-through rate now that we understand what it is, how it affects your Google Ads performance, and what it means to have a good click-through rate. There are several methods as well. With your targeting, to start.

The first thing to do is target the right keywords. For higher CTR, we recommend using commercial intent keywords, branded keywords, and local keywords.

Next, focus on a smaller audience. You could also want to review your audience targeting if you’re not running search- or keyword-targeted advertisements (or if you are but are adding audiences on top of that). Even if you aren’t receiving as many clicks overall, you may more precisely target your ad content and increase your click-through rate by reducing your audience to more precise criteria.

Lastly, keep the ad copy simple. Include the keyword in the title and description. However, ensure you don’t repeat it. Also, use plain language that you can read easily.

That concludes our bookie marketing tutorial. We also have managing player action advice and our tips that can help grow your sportsbook in no time.

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