Fortunate poker player wins close to $500,000 jackpot in Las Vegas

While playing Three Card Poker at the Flamingo Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, a poker player hailing from Santa Ana, California, hit the jackpot and won an impressive sum of $499,171. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Omar Moreno, a resident of Santa Ana,...

The online gambling industry will be booming in 2023

The online gambling industry will be booming in 2023 and this is not a coincidence because it is the trend that is being seen in recent years where more and more people understand how it works and join in. This industry has been on a meteoric rise in recent years, and...

Gambling Industry Looks for More F1 and F2 Sponsorship Deals

For a long time, Formula One cars proudly flew the flags of the nations represented by their drivers. Their sponsors’ logos were also printed on them in much smaller font. They often serve as stations selling petrol and tires. Although, in recent years, a...

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