2022 College Football Bowl Schedule

The 2022 College Football Bowl Schedule has been announced, and we will be seeing a lot of action in your software sportsbook. There will be 43 games spread across three weeks from December to January. It starts with the Bahamas Bowl on December 16, and will end on...

What to Expect In the 49ers at Seahawks

We are at the 14-week mark of the NFL season, and there is yet much time for you to be a bookie for the NFL and earn from football betting. So far, we have not yet seen any division title claimed. But we could possibly see the NFC West title claimed if the 49ers at...

2022 Army Navy Game

In the latest football news, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular games in the league. The annual Army Navy Game is just one of the numerous traditions that make college football unique. It serves as the last game of college football’s regular season...

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Football NewsYou can read the latest football news right here at SBPPH.com – from college football to the NFL, we have you covered. Here, you get access to the latest league data for both NCAA football and the National Football League (NFL), two of the most popular leagues in any sports betting bookie software.

Not only will our bookie software help you become a football bookie, our football news page will help you stay on top of the sport and be able to give your players the best football experience they can have. Read the latest league news, rankings, team news, player updates and more.

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Keep reading and find out the latest updates on your favorite college football team or NFL team. Get player updates- from drafts, trades, injuries, and more.

NFL Trade Deadline Update

NFL Trade Deadline Update

There are a lot of challenges bookies experience, and one of them is finding more events to offer to their players to bet on. With NFL betting, for instance, events like the draft and the NFL trade are very popular events that bookies can earn from. And with the...