Neymar Suffers from Ankle Injury in World Cup

Neymar Suffers from Ankle Injury in World Cup

Last updated on November 27th, 2022 at 05:37 am

All eyes are in Qatar as the FIFA World Cup is in the middle of the Group stage of the tournament. Teams will only have a couple of chances to get enough points to enter the round of 16. Brazil, a five-time World Cup Champion, is one of the favorites to win this year. Unfortunately, a couple of injuries might derail this as Danilo and Neymar suffers from injury in the World Cup.

As a bookie using pay per head services, the odds will already be in your sportsbook, but player injuries can change the outcome of a game, so be sure to always check the news and betting lines. Brazil’s team doctor confirms that both Danilo and Neymar will be missing out on the team’s next match against Switzerland on Monday.

The scans done shows a lateral ligament injury on Neymar’s right ankle with bone swelling. Danilo’s left ankle has a medial ligament injury. Their treatment plan is optimistic, with the goal of having them play again in the tournament should they push through the next round of the tournament.

Neymar Suffers from Ankle Injury in World CupNeymar Suffers From Injury

The injury happening in the team’s opening match where they won 2-0 against Serbia. The PSG star was substituted out with 10 minutes remaining. Neymar sat on the bench, stared at his swelling ankle, and covering his face. The star says its one of the hardest moments in his career. Back in 2014, Neymar also got injured in the semifinals of the World Cup. Your sportsbook software will adjust any lines should Neymar not be able to play in the tournament.

But like in any pay per head sportsbook, you have control over the lines. Considering Brazil is one of the top teams that people are betting on winning, your action will definitely increase over this. For now, Neymar will be busy trying to get back and cleared to play, we’ll have to look out on updates if he will be able to make it in time for their match against Switzerland.

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