Anthony Davis Leaves Lakers Game Injured

Anthony Davis Leaves Lakers Game Injured

There is no doubt that Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the league. He is playing at 100%, and in one of the best seasons in his career. But despite this, he has always been at risk of getting injured. And when injuries hit basketball news, you know bettors will be rushing to their sportsbooks to check the new betting odds for the NBA.

This season, Davis seems to be doing better, playing in 25 out of 28 games so far. He currently averages 28.1 points per game, and also has a league best of 12.4 rebounds per game. And as Davis shores up the Lakers’ defense, has hit a snag with an injury in their game against the Denver Nuggets. During the first half of the game, Davis may have twisted his ankle when he was facing off against Nikola Jokic. You can get more basketball betting action if you use a good provider from the latest sportsbook pay per head reviews.

Anthony Davis and Injuries

Anthony Davis Leaves Lakers Game InjuredDavis played 17 minutes out of the first half, and remained off-court for the second half of the game. You will likely read more updates on this in news as well. With Davis out on a right foot injury, Thomas Bryant replaced him.

Davis is hopeful that the injury is not serious and would not take long to recover from. Most likely, he will have to get scans to confirm this. The Lakers are in enough trouble and they cannot afford to hold more games without Davis. Thomas Bryant is not bad as a replacement, and does well enough. But he still is not Anthony Davis. The Lakers should be careful and make sure that Davis stays healthy, especially if they want to progress all the way to the postseason.


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