College Football Week 10

College Football Week 10 Games to Watch

If you want to become a football bookie, you need to keep track of all of the games each week. Some games will be getting more action than others, so you need to know which games you should prioritize checking. And for college football Week 10, here are some of the games that we think will be getting a lot of attention from football fans and bettors alike.

First, let’s take a look at Texas Tech, who will visit TCU. TCU is number 7 in the CFP, this is despite them having an 8-0 record so far. They are good at winning their games. However, their last four games have a margin of 10 or less. If you looking at running a sportsbook in gambling platforms, you need to know data like this to make sure your betting lines are good.

College Football Week 10College Football Week 10

Next, you have Tennessee, No. 1 in the CFP, at No. 3 Georgia. Tennessee is doing everything they can to reach the playoffs, while Georgia is eager to show Tennessee who is better. Georgia is favored to win in sportsbooks at -8. Moving away from the SEC East, we move to the SEC West and take a look at Alabama, who will be facing LSU. LSU’s offense has been on a roll these past few games, and they look to recreate it this weekend.

Another popular match up that will keep a pay per head bookie busy will be Texas at Kansas State. Kansas State could use a win this weekend to boost their placement and get into the Big 12 title game. Texas is favored to win the game, but since they play somewhat inconsistently, it could be an underdog win for this. Which games are you looking forward to watching? Let us know in the comments.

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