Lewis Hamilton Will Not Get Fined for F1 Grid Penalty

Lewis Hamilton Will Not Get Fined for F1 Grid Penalty

In the latest racing news, all eyes are on the Formula 1 after a red flag incident happened with Lewis Hamilton. After FP3 at the Yas Marina Circuit, Hamilton was called by the officials after passing Lando Norris and Kevin Magnussen when a red flag was raised. Many gambling platforms have eyes on the Formula 1, with an exciting tournament ongoing.

When you are learning how to be a bookie, you need to keep track of incidents in races, especially with the Formula 1, when any small change can significantly affect the outcome of a race. On a flying lap, Hamilton passed both drivers on the right-hand side of the circuit before slowing down. Such an infraction usually carries a penalty on the starting grid. However, after examining the data and speaking with Hamilton about the event, the stewards discovered that he made every effort to slow down safely, leading them to decide against taking any further punishment.

No Penalty for Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Will Not Get Fined for F1 Grid PenaltyThe speed difference between the two cars was still 162 km/h, according to data from Hamilton‘s car, even though he entirely lifted the throttle as the red light appeared.The stewards decided not to penalize Hamilton even though they acknowledged that it technically violated the International Sporting Code, which prevents overtaking when there is a red flag, because Hamilton “could not resist overtaking Car 20 in this circumstance.” Again, when you learn how to be a bookmaker, you need to be able to be fast enough to anticipate changes in betting lines as well, although it was not needed in this instance since there is no penalty.

This was also not the first time that this has happened in the F1. The stewards also followed the example set at the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen was involved in a comparable incident but was not penalized. In Abu Dhabi on Sunday, Hamilton will have one final opportunity to break his winless streak and keep his record of winning a grand prix every year he has competed in Formula 1.

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