Mark Hubbard Disqualified from Cadence Bank Houston Open

Mark Hubbard Disqualified from Cadence Bank Houston Open

Since he knowingly put a 15th club in his bag, Mark Hubbard was disqualified from the Cadence Bank Houston Open on Friday. While this seems immaterial and unimportant in a tournament, there are rules that players should be following. Its not uncommon to see names get taken out in betting lines in a sportsbook pay per head due to players getting suspended or eliminated from tournaments.

According to a statement from the PGA Tour communications team, Hubbard, 33, “knowingly added a 15th club at the turn and used the club several times without declaring it out of play” during Round 2 when he was three over for the round after shooting an opening round of 75. Many pay per head software providers are quick to adjust lines when things like this happen, especially when the outcome of the tournament could potentially be affected.

Mark Hubbard and His Disqualification

Mark Hubbard Disqualified from Cadence Bank Houston OpenHubbard was having spinning issues with a club, and then replaced it with another. He thought that he was going to get a two-point penalty, and was okay with that to fix his problem. However, Rule 4.1c. states that “When a player becomes aware during a round that he or she is in breach of Rule 4.1b(1), (2) or (3) for having more than 14 clubs or for making a stroke with another player’s club, the player must immediately take an action that clearly indicates each club that is being taken out of play.” This is a violation of that rule.

Although he finished with a 74, Hubbard would have missed the cut on his own, even if Hubbard was not disqualified. If you want to earn money from golf betting, check these bookie pay per head reviews and find a good sportsbook software to use.

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