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Learn more about, and how the company came into being as a sportsbook pay per head provider. is sports betting and gambling software company in San Jose, Costa Rica with offices around the world. The company aims to provide its customers with the best sportsbook pay per head software. With decades of combined experience in sports betting and sports betting software development, they have a whole suite of complete gambling software available for players.

To know about Sportsbook Pay Per Head, you can easily look at the products offered: specialized and customizable sports betting and gambling software that is available at a good price point. Its a very simple aim, but very important for those who want to get into the sports betting industry.

Given the extensive background of the team behind, they focused on two main deliverables for customers: amazing software, and affordable rates. With the demand for sports betting software increasing over the years, its become a challenge to deliver a high-quality pay per head bookie software that changes with the demands of bookies, and improves with the latest innovations in the industry.

An Affordable Option for Bookies

Aside from offering one of the best PPH sportsbook software, also wants bookies to be able to access their software, regardless of their level of experience and scale of operations. At $5 per player, they are one of the most affordable pay per head providers in the market today. Especially if you consider the scope of services available.

The great thing about, is that they listen to their bookies: the software is easy-to-use, support is easily available, the product is affordable. If you are an established bookie, you will have no problems adjusting to their carefully designed software that prioritizes a good user experience. And if you are new to the bookie industry, you will find it easy to navigate, and even easier to expand your business with

Join us as a one of our bookies and let us help you create an online sportsbook. Be a successful bookie, and grow your online sportsbook to be profitable, and easy to manage as well.