SBPPH Gambling products and platforms offers our clients with a wide range of pay per head services. We cater to those new to the sports betting business and want to open a sportsbook, and we also cater to those who have existing sportsbooks and would like to explore our services. Regardless of your experience in the industry, we aim to provide you with pay per head solution software that maximizes productivity at no extra expense.

Our pay per head service includes advanced like betting, a customizable prop bet builder, as well as other sports betting services.

The SBPPH pay per head for agents will help you manage your sportsbook well, without needing technical training. We also help bookies earn more as we provide a complete gambling software portfolio at a very affordable price point. This allows you to offer more betting options for your players, and the software to help you manage your sportsbook activity more efficiently.

What You Get with Our Pay Per Head Services:

As one of the most in-demand providers for sports betting software, we provide our clients with a complete slate of bookie services. Aside from the basic sports betting software features, our bookies can maximize their experience with our 24/7 customer support, additional products that extend to iGaming, and more.

Even more, our innovative bookie software gives our bookies a smooth and enjoyable experience in using our software. Everything you need is easily reachable, easy-to-use, and has no down time. 

Our Pay Per Head Services:

Pay Per Head Sportsbook

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Do you want to open your own online sportsbook using the best betting software in the industry?

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Bookie Pay Per Head

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Check out our online bookie software service and find out how easy it is to manage a sportsbook.

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Casino Pay Per Head

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We also offer a complete casino software platform with our Casino Pay Per Head Service.

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