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Bookie pay per headBecoming a bookie comes with this stereotype where you have a ledger with listed odds, a calculator, and a pile of cash on a table. But in reality, the truth is far from what is imagined. Its a little more modern, and a lot easier.

Any smart bookie would know that a spreadsheet works better. But an even smarter bookie knows that an online bookie software is the way to go.

So when you want to start a bookie business, your goal is always to ensure that you have a smooth-running business with minimal upkeep and cost. And our bookie pay per head service is your best option.

With a bookie pay per head service, you can create an online sportsbook easily. There is no need to spend a lot to get the best bookie PPH platform in the industry.

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Become an Online Bookie in Three Easy Steps

Step 1. Sign Up today and get a FREE 14 Days TRIAL

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We only ask for two things to open your account, a username and a password.  Once you have filled out the form and submitted it, you will receive an email to confirm the information and you can start managing your online sportsbook. Our Bookie PPH service offers everything to get your operation off the ground easily.

Step 2. Create Sports Betting Accounts for your Players

Once you have access, you just need to create accounts for your players. You can adjust profile details individually to ensure that your players can get the best betting experience. You can also manage basic user data, credit limits, maximum and minimum wager limits, as well as the betting options that are available for your players.

You can add an online casino or horse racing to your operations, as well. Since these platforms are integrated, you only need to adjust and toggle the option to add these services for your players. No need to use other software, since we are giving you a complete gambling platform.

Step 3. Manage Your Sportsbook

Our Bookie PPH service comes with multiple tools to help you manage the players in your sportsbook. You can view their betting activity, which allows you to know if you should be adjusting limits, offering promotions, and other activities that will help you make your sportsbook more successful. You can generate reports to see how your sportsbook is doing, and help guide you with your operations.

You can also easily adjust the betting lines based on your players’ activity. All changes are reflected in real time. 

Why Choose as your PPH Bookie Provider


Easy to use player management system

Create and Edit your players’ limits

Easily enable and disable player  options

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly player figures

Intuitive and reliable reports


Sports Betting

Live Betting

Player Prop Bet Builder

Online Casino and Horse Racing

Phone and Online Wagering

The Best Bookie Pay Per Head Service

bookie pay per headOur bookie pay per head service anticipates what any bookie would need. From line management to player management tools, we will help you create the best online sportsbook.

Our Bookie PPH platform also has other tools that are very helpful for bookies: you have ways to monitor and collate the data of your bookie operation. This allows you to generate reports where you can see how your sportsbook is running, and what improvements you can make.

The best thing, is that our bookie service is very easy to access and use. You can easily afford our rates, too, which is at $5 or less. You may also use it without any training or certification. Our site’s intuitive design gives you easy access to your sportsbook software in just a few clicks.


Bookie PPH for $5 or LESS Per Player

# of Active Players Price Per Player
0-99 Players $5.00 Per Player
100 to 199 Players $4.50 Per Player
200 to 299 Players $4.00 Per Player
300 to 499 Players $3.50 Per Player
500 to 699 Players $3.00 Per Player
700 to 999 Players $2.50 Per Player
1,000 + Players $2.00 Per Player

We Want You to Be a Successful Bookie!


Here at, we want our bookies to be highly successful. So, in appreciation for keeping your business with us, we will reward you when you grow your sportsbook operation.

Thus, we are introducing our bookie-friendly rates  that allows you to earn more.

The more players you have, the lower the cost of our pay per head service is. This allows you to keep a higher profit margin, and maintain a good relationship with us as you continue to grow your online sportsbook business with us here at

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