What to Expect In the 49ers at Seahawks

We are at the 14-week mark of the NFL season, and there is yet much time for you to be a bookie for the NFL and earn from football betting. So far, we have not yet seen any division title claimed. But we could possibly see the NFC West title claimed if the 49ers at...

Baker Mayfield Leads Rams to Win

The latest NFL news is looking at the Rams as their newest player lead the team to win their latest game. With 10 seconds remaining, Baker Mayfield completed the game-winning touchdown pass to Van Jefferson, guiding the Rams to an incredible 17-16 triumph. The...

Rams Roster Update for Game Versus Chiefs on Sunday

In the latest NFL news, Matthew Stafford, the quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, will not play this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs because he is now in the league’s concussion protocol, according to head coach Sean McVay’s announcement on...

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NFL NewsThe NFL is the most popular sports league in the US. Many sportsbook pay per head operations based in North America get a lot of action on this league. Millions, if not billions each year are wagered on the classic American sport, so its only right to have a football new section for you to enjoy. Here, you can read the latest NFL news from our team of writers at SBPPH.com.

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NFL Trade Deadline Update

NFL Trade Deadline Update

There are a lot of challenges bookies experience, and one of them is finding more events to offer to their players to bet on. With NFL betting, for instance, events like the draft and the NFL trade are very popular events that bookies can earn from. And with the...

NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

Week 4 of the 2022-23 NFL season is now over and its time to take a look at Week 5 of the NFL. Now it’s time for 2022-23 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings. The NFL went abroad this week for the first time and beyond exporting America’s favorite sport, it also kicked off an...