Rangers Trade Ryan Reaves to Wild

Rangers Trade Ryan Reaves to Wild

Last updated on December 3rd, 2022 at 02:35 pm

In the latest hockey news, the New York Rangers are trading forward Ryan Reaves to the Minnesota Wild for a 2025 fifth-round draft pick. Those who make a living from sports betting know to keep an eye out for trades as this can affect the projections for the next season. Especially with sports like Hockey, where fast-paced games are affected by roster changes, no matter how minor.

Although, one could argue that Reaves’ absence is not noticeable, even with the odds from your betting software development provider. Reaves only played for 12 games in this season, and has not tallied a single point so far.

Given his struggles, he requested for a trade when the Rangers we in Los Angeles playing against the Kings. The Rangers have pulled through, and now they will have a good option in the long-term.

Rangers Trade Ryan Reaves to WildRyan Reaves in the NHL

Ryan Reaves joined the Rangers back in July last year when the Vegas Golden Knights traded him. Last season, he played in 69 games, with 5 goals and 13 points. Then, when the Rangers were in the Easter Conference playoffs, he played for 18 games, but had zero points.

Reaves has been playing in the NHL for 13 years. His career record gives us 54 goals, and 64 assists over four teams in the league. His trade opens up $1.75 million in salary cap space, something the Rangers can make use of as the NHL trade deadline will not be until March.

Those who want to open an online sportsbook should also pay attention to details like trades, drafts and such. It gives you an idea of what to expect for the teams involved in both the short and long term. It also can help us see how it will change the power rankings within a certain conference.


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