Argentina Gambling Industry Continues to Improve

Argentina Gambling Industry Continues to Improve

Argentina gambling industry continues to grow as more provinces prepare to launch their online wagering and gambling markets. For instance, the province of Mendoza started public bidding to create and regularize online gaming.

The Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos, or IPJyC, will provide a minimum of two licenses. Also, they set the maximum number of operators to five. According to bookie pay per head blog sources, licenses are valid for up to ten years.

The IPJyC will issue licenses, and they can be used for virtually any kind of online gambling or sports betting. However, fewer than three weeks are left for the bid approval period, so interested companies will need to move quickly.

Argentina Gambling Industry Continues to Grow

Argentina Gambling Industry Continues to ImproveAccording to sportsbook pay per head experts, the province of Cordoba has already begun implementing its iGaming plans, and now Mendoza has announced its project. However, though today marked the market’s formal start, many of the chosen service providers have yet to begin offering their offerings.

The law mandates that any transactions involving money or tangible goods that may be evaluated economically based on their outcomes will be part of the market. In addition, all interactions must take place only in digital formats, such as mobile applications, websites, and whatever other digital solutions may be developed in the future.

The law defined internet gambling and imposed limitations on what service providers might provide. Lotteries, pools, and raffles are all examples of draws that are prohibited, even if they are only accessible online.

Despite the lack of legislation, online gambling is active in Argentina. Ida L√≥pez, who heads the IPJyC, expressed concern to lawmakers that this would violate people’s rights. In addition, it doesn’t do enough to prevent underage gaming or provide authority bodies the tools they need to deal with problem gambling. Also, they look at different types of sportsbook players.

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