Sleepers for NFL Fantasy Football Week 8

Sleepers for NFL Fantasy Football Week 8

NFL Week 7 saw many injuries. Top fantasy football players left games early for different injuries. As a result, it added to people’s frustrations since the start of the season. Thus, we compiled a list of sleepers for NFL fantasy football Week 8.

If you’re looking for production from players not expected to produce coming into the new season, you’re on the right page. The players can help you win your fantasy leagues.

Sleepers for NFL Fantasy Football

Sleepers for NFL Fantasy Football Week 8According to bookie pay per head experts, the first one you should consider getting is Derek Carr. Carr did not provide much of a return on your fantasy start from last week. Simply put, the Raiders didn’t have high expectations for him. The bulk of the work was done by Josh Jacobs, with help from a touchdown by the Raiders’ defense. The offensive for Las Vegas has relied on this strategy for a while now. There may be some room for Carr to operate in addition to Jacobs, but it is unlikely that this will happen this week.

Another sleeper to consider is Daniel Jones. Realistically, we can’t ignore the Giants. They are 6-1 and performing well on the field. Big Blue’s highlight has been Saquon Barkley, but Jones has performed admirably in his absence. For a team with so few legitimate pass-catching threats, that’s quite an accomplishment. In addition, Jones has successfully reduced the turnovers that have made him a burden and reminded us that he could be a Konami code quarterback.

Then there’s Gus Edwards. It’s probably best to say this right from the bat. My Week 7 prediction concerning Edwards was incorrect. I thought the Ravens would ease into things with him since he was coming from an injury. Against the Browns, I thought Kenyan Drake would still start at running back. Edwards did not have a disproportionately large percentage of the snaps, but he did have the most (23). In addition, he had 17 total chances, 16 of which were carries. It was clear that Baltimore wanted to get the ball into his hands.

There’s still enough football action to open an online sportsbook. Then, you can accept wagers on NFL games until the Super Bowl. Also, we recommend learning why bookies offer college sports betting. That way, you can add college football to your sportsbook.

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