Mark Cuban Plans New Mavs Arena within a Casino Resort

Mark Cuban Plans New Mavs Arena within a Casino Resort

Mark Cuban, Governor of the Dallas Mavericks, plans to create a new Mavs arena within a casino resort. He imagines a grander and bigger destination than the current American Airlines Center where the team is currently playing.

As the centerpiece of a Las Vegas-style casino and resort in the heart of Dallas, Cuban now views a new Mavericks arena as a possible economic engine for the city and state.

There is a minor issue. Right now, both casino gambling and sports betting are prohibited in Texas. To be legalized statewide, it would require action by the state legislature and approval by voters. That’s a very high bar to clear.

New Mavs Arena within a Casino Resort

Mark Cuban Plans New Mavs Arena within a Casino ResortAccording to casino pay per head sources, legislators have begun working on a bill that would modify the state constitution. It would legalize gambling and casinos via a vote on the ballot as soon as November 2023.

Houston State Senator Carol Alvarado proposed establishing a Texas Gaming Commission to license up to four casinos and resorts in the state’s largest cities and regulate sports betting. However, it doesn’t include legalizing online casino platform operations.

If any legislation ever makes it out of committee, Cuban’s insistence on working with the Las Vegas Sands Corporation might make things easier for everyone involved. Until Abbott’s death in 2021, the creator of The Sands, Sheldon Adelson, was a significant financial backer of the governor of Texas. Moreover, his wife, Miriam, is a dedicated supporter of the governor.

Even with all the red tape and opposition from politicians like Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Cuban can only see the money. Cuban is no stranger to taking calculated risks; he lost a sizable wager on bitcoin. He thus appreciates the commercial potential of an arena adjoining a casino and resort. Maybe he will create an online casino in the future.

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