NBA play-in tournament

The 2023 NBA play-in tournament

Last updated on April 10th, 2023 at 03:02 pm

The 2023 NBA play-in tournament is set to showcase some exciting basketball action, take notes of this event for your upcoming bets.

The NBA play-in tournament has introduced an intriguing twist to the conclusion of the 2022-23 regular season and the beginning of the playoffs.

With the implementation of flattened lottery odds in 2019, teams were already less motivated to intentionally lose games in the final stretch.

However, the addition of the play-in tournament has further incentivized more franchises to remain competitive and in the running for the playoffs.

The top 10 teams in the standings will finish the regular season with a shot at making it to the postseason and you can start to take notes for your basketball bets.

For those looking to bet on the NBA play-in tournament, we at are happy to provide you with an in-depth schedule.

Schedule of the NBA play-in tournament:

NBA play-in tournament

The play-in tournament will begin on April 11th and wrap up on April 14th, each conference’s teams with the seventh and eighth highest winning percentages will have two chances to secure a playoff spot by winning just one game.

Teams in each conference with the ninth and tenth highest winning percentages will need to win two consecutive games to earn a spot in the playoffs.

  • Tuesday, April 11th: the first games of the tournament will take place, in  each conference, the team ranked 7th in the standings will host the 8th ranked team. 

The winner of each game will earn the 7th seed in the playoffs, while the losing teams will have another opportunity to compete in Friday’s Game 3s.

  • Wednesday, April 12th:  the second set of games will take place, in each conference, the team ranked 9th in the standings will host the 10th ranked team. 

The winner of each game will advance to Game 3, while the losing teams will be eliminated and enter the NBA draft lottery.

  • Friday, April 14th: will see the final round of games in the play-in tournament, the losing teams from the No. 7 vs. No. 8 matchups will host the winners of the No. 9 vs. No. 10 matchups. 

The winners of these games will secure the 8th seed for their respective conferences in the playoffs. The losing teams of Game 3 will enter the NBA draft lottery.

Eastern Conference Play-In Tournament Odds:

  • Miami Heat -800
  • Atlanta Hawks -280
  • Toronto Raptors +170
  • Chicago Bulls +500


Barring an unexpected setback, the Nets seem to have secured their spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs, meanwhile, the Heat are poised to claim the top play-in spot.

For teams like the Raptors, a successful play-in run could prove to be crucial, despite being only a win or two away from the postseason, the franchise has been experiencing a period of turmoil. 

Western Conference Play-In Tournament Odds:

  • Los Angeles Lakers -1400
  • New Orleans Pelicans -165
  • Minnesota Timberwolves -140
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +1000
  • Dallas Mavericks +1000

According to , the Western Conference play-in tournament appears to be more unpredictable than the East, so take that into account while betting.

While the Lakers have a few games left to secure a playoff spot, they would need to surpass the Clippers or the Warriors to do so. 

However, oddsmakers are confident in LeBron and the Lakers, with a -1400 line suggesting a 93.33 percent chance of making the playoffs, even if they don’t bypass the play-in tournament.

The NBA play-in tournament is an excellent opportunity to bet and if you have any doubts about how to do it, check out the sports betting tutorials.

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