Tyson Fury Wants a Fight Against Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury Wants a Fight Against Deontay Wilder

In the latest sports news, Tyson Fury claims he is open to making a fourth defense of his WBC heavyweight championship against former champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder. If they held their fourth fight at London’s Wembley Stadium, according to Fury, Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs), would set new records.

Many who enjoy betting on boxing and those who are learning how to become a bookie would love to see this happed. But at this point, it’s unknown if a fourth bout between the two boxers will take place because both men are moving in different directions. Next on the schedule for Fury is a defense on December 10 at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium against journeyman Derek Chisora (33-12, 23 KOs). Again, this is another match worth watching and betting on.

Tyson Fury and Wilder: Will it Happen?

Tyson Fury Wants a Fight Against Deontay WilderFury’s decision to defend against bottom-feeder rival Chisora may have affected his standing with supporters, who now perceive him as a competitor aiming for quick money at the expense of the general public. Wilder might not be eager to face Fury once more, especially if he has to go to the UK to make it happen. Possibly not wanting to put himself in that predicament is the Bronze Bomber, so again, it the probability is really split 50-50 here.

Fury recently boasted about the sale of more than 50,000 tickets for the event, which he believes shows how eager the boxing audience is to watch him defend against the 38-year-old Chisora. However, it’s believed that many of those tickets were snatched up by ticket resellers rather than fans. So, its not really a good indicator of clamor for the fight. You can make money from boxing matches like this when you open an online sportsbook of your own. It’s unknown exactly how many tickets the resellers purchased. Even still, it wouldn’t be shocking if a sizable part of them did, given that there is almost no public interest in seeing Fury defend against #14 WBC Chisora.

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