Kyrie Irving Suspended from Brooklyn Nets, Loses Nike Sponsorship

Kyrie Irving Suspended from Brooklyn Nets, Loses Nike Sponsorship

Kyrie Irving continues to make news in the NBA, but nothing that relates to his performance on the court. In fact, we have rarely seen him play, and his latest troubles give him 5 less games to play as well. Those who bet on basketball still keep up with the drama, since a player’s absence can affect a roster, and therefore, potentially affect the outcome of a game.

If you do want to get into sports betting, you may want to consider to become a bookie pay per head and earn more from basketball betting. Regardless if the Nets win or lose, you stand to earn either way. Kyrie Irving recently made the news for his anti-semitic statement online. It, following Kanye West’s similar mishap, has made him the subject in news, and complaints as well. The Brooklyn Nets have distanced themselves from Irving and his statement, and also suspend him for 5 games at the minimum.

Kyrie Irving Suspended from Brooklyn Nets, Loses Nike SponsorshipKyrie Irving Troubles

After the suspension was announced, Irving released an apology on Instagram, but many believe the apology to be insincere. Given his statement, Nike also announced that they will not be releasing the Kyrie 8 shoe line that is scheduled for release this month. They are also suspending their relationship with Kyrie Irving. As a PayPerHead bookie, however, you need to look at more than just what is happening. Sports betting wise, the question is, will we see him back after 5 games or not?

The suspension is for more than just 5 games, potentially. Irving is also unavailable in certain venues because he is unvaccinated, and this violates the health mandates of some states/countries. This is why we rarely saw Irving play last season. And given the incident, Irving will have to meet certain conditions before he will be coming back to the court.

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