NCAA Rumors: Gonzaga to Join Big 12

NCAA Rumors: Gonzaga to Join Big 12

In the latest sports news, we are taking a look at college basketball, as the latest rumors on teams changing conferences will definitely be controversial. The latest NCAA rumors are saying that Gonzaga to join Big 12 could happen. Last week, the athletic director of Gonzaga met with the Big 12 commissioner in person. This is in part of a general discussion on the Zags joining the Big 12.

Those who bet on college ball in their favorite sports betting software know how big of an impact this will have across the conferences. Gonzaga is a powerhouse team and them leaving the West Coast conference to join the Big 12 won’t just leave a big hole in the West Coast, but build a very powerful Big 12 conference.

NCAA Rumors: Gonzaga to Join Big 12Gonzaga to Join Big 12: Is it Possible?

Gonzaga has long been rumored to be exploring their conference options, and rightfully so. As one of the best and most prestigious basketball programs in the country, and any conference would want them. But them moving will definitely shake up the landscape of college basketball in the US. As a bookie with a sportsbook pay per head operation, something as big as this should be noted.

And if you are into college basketball, then you know that Gonzaga ahs always been at the top of the West Coast Conference. Leaving them will allow other teams to take up that slot. Meanwhile, wherever they transfer will shake up the rankings. It will, however, be a good challenge for the Zags to be in a new environment with different competitors at the conference level. Given how the Big 12 has lost a few players, it seems somewhat serendipitous that the two would meet.

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