Unibet Poker Improves Tournament Guarantees

Unibet Poker Improves Tournament Guarantees

Unibet Poker improved its tournament guarantees almost a month after it went live. Also, the poker firm designed it from scratch to have more extensive guarantees, bounty tournaments, and other features.

However, the operator said that the increased guarantees led to an overlay. According to casino pay per head sources, Unibet put up €80,000 to cover the pot.

The operator isn’t giving up, despite the persistent overlays. On a dozen events, the guarantees have been raised (though the increases come on Sundays only). For instance, the Title Fight, which had a prior €10,000 guarantee, increased by 20% on Sundays. As a result, the competition has been overspending every day by an average of €2000 to €5000.

Improved Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker Improves Tournament GuaranteesAnother significant daily event, the Slobberknocker, which costs €100, has seen a 6 percent increase, moving from €7500 to €8000 daily. On Sundays, the Ironman with a €10 buy-in increased from €2500 to €3000. On the other hand, the Battleground with a €25 entry fee, will increase its guarantee from €5000 to €6000.

Additionally, the operator had to modify the guarantees for the tournaments that kept overlapping. For instance, the €25 daily Bullet’s guarantee was reduced from €4000 to €3500 while the €10 buy-in Cage’s guarantee fell by 25%.

According to gambling news reports, the operator implemented the guarantee changes on November 14.

Last month, the operator revised the tournament schedule; the modifications took effect on October 24. The new application, which uses the most recent tournament convention and color mode, is marketed by the operator as more straightforward and easier to grasp. Even though there are fewer events than previously, the aggregate guarantees have significantly increased.

Despite an 8.5 percent reduction in online poker events, the operator claims that the total guaranteed prize pool has increased by 43.5 percent. Additionally, the operator reduced tournament rake, making them the lowest in the business.

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