Patrick Beverly Suspended from NBA

Patrick Beverly Suspended from NBA

In the latest sports interaction and NBA news, Patrick Beverley, the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been given a three-game NBA suspension, the league said in a statement. Beverly will therefore be absent from both Friday’s and Saturday’s back-to-back games against the Spurs as well as next week’s game against the Indiana Pacers.

This comes after an uncalled-for shove that Beverly made to Deandre Ayton. Many who were keeping track of the lines in their sportsbook pay per head while watching the game had to stop and see what could have triggered the shove, but it really is a bit of a stretch.

Patrick Beverly on His Suspension

Patrick Beverly Suspended from NBABeverley admitted after the game that he regretted the obvious cheap shot foul he committed against Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton and predicted that he would receive some sort of punishment. The 6’1″ veteran guard said he was upset with Ayton for standing over Lakers guard Austin Reaves, who had been pushed to the ground by All-Star Suns shooting guard Devin Booker during the two’s battle for a rebound late in an eventual 115-105 Lakers loss. While Ayton was standing over Reaves, Beverly ran into him at full speed, shoving the man to the ground.

In its press release, the league stated that Beverley’s past behavior over the years had a role in its choice to impose a ban rather than a straightforward punishment. When he was still a member of the L.A. Lakers, he actually executed the same behind-the-back shove play against the Suns two years prior. Clippers in the 2021 Western Conference Finals, despite the fact that Chris Paul was the opponent. If you want to increase sportsbook profits, make sure you know the latest roster updates so you can offer better sports betting lines in the NBA.

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